pattaya birthday

A (Solo) Birthday Abroad

When I booked my ticket to Asia, I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew that I would be spending my Birthday alone. It sounds pretty depressing at first, not having your closest friends present. Those same friends not being there to take you out, embarrass you with every opportunity, celebrate with you, […]


Dusk at Wat Arun

Dusk at Wat Arun from across the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand.


Oops in Ayutthaya

I like taking pictures, especially when I’m traveling. I take my camera everywhere I go not knowing when something picture worthy will happen. But sometimes, when you give in and join a group tour (they make things so easy for you), you find yourself standing in a line of tourists all taking a picture of […]

Ocean Park Shark Main Tank

Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Aquariums are hard to pass up in my opinion. In a few weeks, I’d like to get my scuba diving certification in Koh Tao, Thailand, but this provided some safe, dry and amazing entertainment for the time being


A Taste of America: Football in a Bangkok Sport’s Bar

I woke up at 6am this morning. Why you might ask? Maybe to catch an early train to my next destination? To see the Thai sun rise over ancient ruins perhaps? No, I woke up early to watch some good old American Football. The Conference Championships were this Sunday and due to the time difference, […]


A Day’s Spending in Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn’t a budget travelers paradise, not even close. It’s a modern city with an emphasis on spending. A small flat can cost more than a house in California, and real estate on Victoria Peak (overlooking the city) is some of the most costly on the planet. Having said that It’s possible to get […]


Poor Planning in Hong Kong

Poor planning on my part led to my having to change hostels for my last night in Hong Kong. I went to extend my stay, but was promptly told that they were booked. So I went online and found another hostel. It was slightly more expensive but had good reviews so I decided to fork […]


Packing Theory for an Asian Backpacking Trip Pt. 2

So I went through a few things that made it in my backpack, but some items where not so appealing. Things I’m not bringing: Guidebook (paper copy) – I’ve always taken guidebooks in the past but I’m trying something new this time around and here’s why. There are electronic versions out there along with apps […]