My $3 Bungalow Not in Lonely Planet

I recently split from my friends, who I had been traveling with, in order to extend my stay in Thailand a few extra weeks. My Visa was expiring and I needed to do what’s called a “Visa Run” or else become illegal. A “Visa Run” entails leaving the country, even for a short period of […]


Guide to a Long Southeast Asian Bus Ride

I’ve been on my share of long bus rides in Southeast Asia, sometimes over 10 hours, and my preparation has become somewhat of a routine. Yes, I could just throw my backpack in the storage below and jump on board, but very likely that could lead to a long, miserable trip and could also end […]


Packing Theory for an Asian Backpacking Trip Pt. 3

I already mentioned things I was taking along with me to Asia and things I was leaving behind. But at that time I couldn’t have for seen the things that I left behind and would very soon wish I had packed, had I known better. So here it is, the list of things I would add to […]

Monkey at the top of the tiger temple in Krabi Thailand

Tiger Cave Temple with a View

1,237 steps later and we were at the top of Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple) with a view and some new friends


The Red, Orange and Green: 7-11s in Asia

In Asia, there is a particular store that is a godsend, or I should say, an America-send. 7-11. It’s a small piece of American business savvy in Asia that you can always rely on when you’re a backpacker in need. What need you might ask? Well that depends on in what situation you find yourself. Sometimes, or more […]