The Food of Laos

From making my own Laap to eating off banana leaves in the middle of the jungle, I never grew tired of the food of Laos.


Lao Daredevil Children

Not only tourists were enjoying the Blue Lagoon: Lao daredevil children also took part in the fun


Kwang Si or Fairytale?

The Kwang Si Waterfall resembles a fairytale more than any real waterfall I’ve ever seen. Luckily, our 64 km bike ride from Luang Prabang and back in the rain was worth it.


Muang Ngoi, Laos Sunset

The sleepy town of Muang Ngoi loses its power at 6pm each night, but who can complain when there are sunset like this to usher in the evening.


Choosing the Perfect Travel Companion

While I do love traveling solo, having a travel companion also has its advantages. Costs can be split for things like rooms and taxis, they help with the loneliness of being far from home and if nothing else, they provide a wingman. But if you decide to take this route of traveling with a buddy, […]


English in Southeast Asia and a Second Language

In Southeast Asia, English is king. Obviously, each country speaks their respective native language(s) and a traveler should definitely take time to learn the basics like “hello” and “thank you”, but English can now be found just about everywhere, whether it be written or verbal. I realize this is exaggerated along the popular traveler routes, […]

Banana Leaf Table

Lunch time in Laos

No table, no problem. Lunch time during our trek in the Nam Ha National Protected Area