A Day’s Spending in Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn’t a budget travelers paradise, not even close. It’s a modern city with an emphasis on spending. A small flat can cost more than a house in California, and real estate on Victoria Peak (overlooking the city) is some of the most costly on the planet. Having said that It’s possible to get by without breaking the bank if you’re willing to make some concessions and avoid bars and some of the most touristed spots, your main money pits. Here’s my spending for one of my days in Hong Kong when I explored some of the city, ate some street food and took some photos before having a few beers with fellow travelers at the hostel.

  • Dorm Room $200
  • Meal 1 $26
  • Meal 2 $11
  • Meal 3 $23
  • Ferry Ride $2.5
  • MTR (metro) $15
  • Beers from the Market $30
  • Total $307.5 HKD

That’s approximately $39 USD to hang out in Hong Kong for a day.