A (Solo) Birthday Abroad

When I booked my ticket to Asia, I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew that I would be spending my Birthday alone. It sounds pretty depressing at first, not having your closest friends present. Those same friends not being there to take you out, embarrass you with every opportunity, celebrate with you, and above all, make sure you have a great night. I could have postponed my ticket a few weeks, stayed home until after my birthday had past. I would have been pretty simple really. Nothing was set forcing me to start my trip early. But a few more weeks at home just waiting to take off on my trip did not sound appealing in any way. I would have been so restless. And not wanting to spend money before my trip, I would’ve passed on eating out and going out with friends most days in order to save my money, which goes a whole lot further in Asia. On top of that, I knew that meeting travelers when you’re traveling solo could not be easier if you’re willing to put yourself out there. Something you’re almost forced to do when you’re on your own. I figured it’d be no problem finding some new friends who, upon hearing of the immanent anniversary of my birth, would proceed to help celebrate the best way they knew how. I was confident in this theory and with that in mind, I booked my ticket, sealing the deal. What follows is a loose photo journal of our night, my first birthday abroad.

pattaya birthday

From left to right, top to bottom: 1) This is me. My Birthday is coming. I know not a soul on this side of the planet. 2) This is Bryan. I met him at the hostel. 3) He’s friends with Jon. Jon likes internet memes. 4) They are friends with Pap through a mutual friend. Pap is Thai. 4) Pap is friends with Pratch. Pratch makes a living betting on NBA games. This is our crew for the night. We go out. We go big. Another successful, albeit unconventional Birthday and some new friends to boot.

2 thoughts on “A (Solo) Birthday Abroad

  1. Bravo! Well reflected. I spent Christmas abroad when I traveled for a mere month by myself two years ago, and it was a beautiful experience. It was solitary when I wanted it to be, and spent being social at a lovely bar in Phnom Penh when I wanted felt like being around people. I have so many friends now, going into our early 30s, that have such sad birthdays, trying to cling to ‘night out’ with friends, who are all on different pages.

    • I try not to place too much weight on my birthdays. In the end its just another day and if something awesome or unexpected happens, even better. Sounds like you’re on the same page.

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