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The Real Answer to the Question “What was your favorite place?”

When people hear about my trip to Southeast Asia, the first question out of their mouth is, “What was your favorite place?” Now anyone who has gone on an extended traveling spree will understand that that question is basically impossible to answer. How can you sum up such a large portion of your life and […]


Plowing the Fields Underneath Buledi Pagoda, Bagan

Some daily farming chores being completed while Buledi Pagoda looms nearby. This was right after sunset as waiting a few hours would allow the sun to take its toll on the area and shoot the temperature to 44 degrees Celsius.


Peeking in on Dhammayangyi Pahto

Dhammayangyi Pahto (Temple) in Bagan, Myanmar. Personally my favorite temple in Bagan. Just wish you could climb up on it, but alas, it was blocked off.


A Motley List of 15 Observations on Myanmar

Most people’s first stop in Southeast Asia is Thailand. Next comes Malaysia or Vietnam, and way down that list is Myanmar. Well, although the two countries share a border, a long one at that, Myanmar is no Thailand. In fact, it’s totally different from anywhere and everywhere I’ve ever been, which brings me to this […]


The Food of Myanmar

Continuing in my food series, here is the food of Myanmar. I did have avocado for the first time since leaving California (The land of avocado) in the form of a delicious avocado salad. You can spy a little guacamole in the top right.


The Best of Ancient Bagan

A random list of bests I decided to compile on Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) Best Plan Avoid the midday heat. Go for sunrise and visit a few more temples in the AM before returning to town and the comfort of your A/C hotel room. It starts to cool off by about 4, so head back out […]


Why I Built the Ultimate Asian Backpacker Currency Converter

I know, I know. There are a thousand currency converters out there. Big ones, small ones, dedicated sites, phone apps, widgets for your sidebar. There are a ton, I know, so why did I spend my time building a new one? Simply put, most of them just suck and none of them fit my needs […]