Short Stories From The Road #4: A Muddy Rescue Mission

This is story #4 in my Short Stories from the Road series. Introduction found here Holy cow, that’s a big lizard. Crossing the trail not 10 feet in front of me acting like he owned the place, which I suppose he did, was a giant water monitor at least 6 feet long. I had an […]

Marina Bay Sands Skyline

Change of Pace: A Week in a Singapore Dorm Room

After nearly 6 months of traveling through developing countries, I was headed to Singapore, the “cleanest city in the world.” The word “developing” hasn’t been used to describe this city in a long time, so I looked forward to a little change of scenery. One of my oldest friends (we were in the same third […]

changi beach bus stop

Relive in Photos: Under a Singapore Runway

Under a Singapore RunwayPictures of Planes After a 3 hour trip to the Changi Airport shipping yards to retrieve a much needed replacement debit card, I wasn’t yet ready to head back and do it all again in reverse. Instead I killed some time on the beach near the airport landing strip taking pictures of […]