Options After Losing Your Debit Card while Traveling Abroad

Lost or stolen debit cards while abroad can be a huge hassle and stop your travel plans in their tracks. I recently lost mine while in Bangkok and have been kicking myself ever since. Luckily I have friend to borrow money from for the time being and a friend studying in Singapore who I could […]


Backpacker’s Daily Budget in Cambodia

I’ve decided to continue the posts on my spending habits for each country I visit, as I think they’re turning out to be very helpful. It’s worth noting that I’m a serious budget traveler and comment on the backpacker mode of travel, which doesn’t negatively affect my overall experience. In fact, I think it improves […]


Border Crossing from Don Det, (4,000 islands) Laos to Cambodia

After an amazing few relaxed filled days on the island of Don Det, one of the 4,000 islands in Si Phan Don, our Lao visas were about to expire and it was time to head to Cambodia. I had gotten mixed information on the border crossing route and heard a few things about corrupt border […]


What To Do with a Day in Battambang

Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city after Phnom Penh is extremely laid back. While Phnom Penh reminded me of a mini version of Bangkok, Battambong rolled along at a much different and more relaxed pace. The streets were quieter, the buildings shorter and the air, while still extremely hot, was less polluted. I decided to spend one full […]