The Dinner Invite

“You want some?”

I was taken off guard.

Austin and I had just walked outside of our guesthouse bedroom about to explore the small Northern Lao town of Nong Khiaw. I looked up. A Lao man sat on a raised platform next to a low lying bamboo table with a spread of food on it.

“You want to try some food,” he repeated in clearer English.

“Sure,” we replied, flattered by the invite. Taking a seat next to him, I grabbed a three finger pinch of sticky rice and promptly use it to scoop a helping of the food from the dish and into my mouth.

“Yum,” was the first word out of my mouth. “What is it?”


“Ant Egg”

“A-N-T, ant”

“See” He dug his finger into the dish, brought up a whole ant, and held it up for us to examine.

“Yum…” I repeated