Long Term Travel Thoughts: Working on My Traveler Bod’

I did some push-ups yesterday. They were much harder than I remember… It’d been awhile.

At the beginning of the trip, my friends and I had a joke about going to the gym, which was, in reality, wherever there was space. We’d “hit the gym” by doing some push-ups in our bungalow or hotel room or wherever. It was comical and light hearted back then, 4 months ago back then, but that was then. Months later, with only a few trips to the “gym” under my belt, I realize that I’m averaging just a few push-ups a day. Three sets of 30, once a month. You can also throw in a sit-up. Getting up in the morning is half… ba-dum, chhh. So yea, I’ve been in better shape. Thankfully, weight has never been and never will be an issue. Please, don’t hate me. I just can’t gain any weight. Neither can my dad or any of my uncles, so that’s why I’m not worried there. Regardless, it is disconcerting getting fatigued after a few sets of push-ups. Back home, the gym was never my favorite spot, but it did get me “feelin like champion” (Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z). Blah blah, endorphins are a very real thing.

So the issue here is trying to keep that up on the backpacker trail. Basically, it’s nearly impossible. I went from the gym each day before work and playing soccer a few times a week before I left, to my aforementioned traveling “gym” routine. Occasionally, I’ll run into another traveler that’s attempting to run a few miles when they find time, but even they admit their inconsistency. Another issue, which I hadn’t even considered, is laundry. After a good workout, you’re clothes stink and there isn’t exactly a dirty hamper to toss them in along with a dresser packin’ clean replacements. They go right back in the backpack and if you want to work out again? Well, you get to pull them back out for another go. I’m sure that doesn’t sound appealing to anyone.

Luckily, pick-up soccer games are easy to find

But after spending some extended down time in Singapore, and not to mention having an available washer, I actually started making time to work-out. Having a home base and a little routine really does make a huge difference. Unfortunately, when you’re changing cities on a weekly basis, routine isn’t exactly an option much less a possibility. I suppose not all is lost though. I do a bunch of trekking, play some pickup soccer here and there, and do a whole boat-load of snorkeling when I’m on an island. But what really keeps me squarely in the active person column comes naturally with being a traveler. I always end up walking around (exploring) the numerous towns I find myself in each day, not to mention lugging around a 16 kg backpack at times. So I suppose that keeps me relatively active and since I don’t have too much of a choice, I’ll settle for that.

4 thoughts on “Long Term Travel Thoughts: Working on My Traveler Bod’

  1. Hey there, I am absolutely loving your blog. I am headed to South East Asia in November for a couple of months so it’s been a god send with all the handy tips! We are starting with Vietnam then to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma and then over to India. Do you have any plans to visit India? Also, just wondering – have you had any experiences (good or bad) with AirAsia while you have been travelling over there? Anyway, keep up the good work and take care! Have fun 🙂

    • Wow, sounds like an epic trip! Glad you’re devoting months to it. I would love to visit India, but I don’t think its in the cards this time around. I did fly AirAsia to Myanmar and back and everything went without a hitch. There are a few hidden charges like your seat and bag, but other than that they were fine and I plan on using them again. Well, have a great trip and let me know if you have any other questions. Stoked I could help

  2. chance upon your page when i was looking for stuff on myanmar and i realized you were in ntu! haha hope the campus ntu and singapore treated you well! get on the road and continue writing! good stuff 🙂

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