Self Diagnosis of Prickly Heat Comes with an Unexpected Bonus

Way back in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I got a little rash on the inside of my elbow. It was a bunch of tiny red bumps and itched like crazy. Not as bad as poison oak (the worst) but bad nonetheless. Obviously, I did what you’re not supposed to do and went straight to the inter-webs to self-diagnose what the problem was. Doctor’s are last resort right? It wasn’t even hard to find the culprit. Apparently, it’s real common for travelers in the region and is known as prickly heat. But the real kicker is the cause, sweat. To be more precise, too much sweat, too fast, for someone not used to sweating so much. It makes so much sense.

It was hitting mid April and the hot season in Southeast Asia was just kicking in. I talked about the heat earlier and wasn’t joking. I also mentioned that I finally gave in and got some air conditioning. That’s true, but the heat was only part of the reason. One of the listed remedies that Dr. Internets suggested was air-conditioning. Well, I was in need of some medication, so I did just what the doctor ordered. Air conditioning, the glorious thing it is, worked like a charm, clearing my arm right up.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, if Cambodia was hot, then Malaysia is humid. As you can imagine, this also causes a bead of sweat or twenty when you’re out and about. Hiking all day through the jungle only exacerbates the situation. Prickly heat, I thought I was threw with you, but apparently not. I guess it’s not so bad though. I have no choice, but to treat myself to some air-con. It’s my prescription isn’t it? And I wouldn’t want ignore my doctor’s recommendation now.

4 thoughts on “Self Diagnosis of Prickly Heat Comes with an Unexpected Bonus

  1. Phil, if the aircon doesn’t cure it try and find some Quadriderm. As the name implies it has 4 ingredients to alleviate the inflammation. I’ve had it bad a few times, It’s not cheap but it will help.

    • Thanks for the info. Air-con has worked those far (knock on wood), but I’ll definitely keep Quadriderm in mind if the dreaded prickly heat attempts to make a comeback

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