Oops in Ayutthaya

I like taking pictures, especially when I’m traveling. I take my camera everywhere I go not knowing when something picture worthy will happen. But sometimes, when you give in and join a group tour (they make things so easy for you), you find yourself standing in a line of tourists all taking a picture of the same thing, perhaps something your guide may have just pointed out. In a way it can detract from the experience. I found myself in this situation when exploring the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya. The ruins were amazing, but I wanted to get away from the tourist pack, so I wandered off in the opposite direction through the ruined city. A group of locals playing takraw, a Thai mix of volleyball and soccer, caught my eye and created a great photo opportunity.

I thought I had captured a slice of Thailand that the other tourists hadn’t even noticed and patted myself of the back for my excellent prowess. Later in the day after making a few more stops I realized that our group still hadn’t visited the famous Buddha head in tree roots that the city was known for. I asked when we were going to be making that stop and was surprised by the answer. Apparently, I had timed my getaway to perfectly coincide with the viewing of the famous landmark. I didn’t feel so triumphant anymore.