Skimboarding in Penang: Who’d of Thought?

Skimboarding on Penang Malaysia

Three aboard: True Gentlemen Sharing the Wave

Before the trip, my friend Austin had asked a skimboarding contact about whether there were any spots to skim in Southeast Asia. His response was the contact info of a skimboarder on the island of Penang in Malaysia. Once we made it to the island, what we found blew us away: an entire thriving skimboarding community. They even took us out for a Friday night to remember, although the whiskey didn’t do us any favors in that regard. I have vague memories of a Thai band singing American pop favorites while changing clothes every song. Thanks a million for showing us around Jet!

4 thoughts on “Skimboarding in Penang: Who’d of Thought?

  1. You didn’t like the whiskey? Same goes for me. But if you can’t remember things clearly that only proves that you had an awesome night. I’m glad I could be part of your travels!

  2. Did you try skimboarding yourself when you were there? It’s actually really popular in Malaysia and also the Philippines… they even have several competitions. There’s lots of other places around the world to skim that might surprise you. It’s tons of fun and super cheap (basically free once you have a board) – so it’s great for a traveler budget and boards are easy to pack around. I did a 3 month backpack skimboard trip – can’t wait to do it again! If you want to find more places around the world to skim you can check out my site here:
    and if you find places that I don’t have listed yet, please add them to the page! Cheers and happy travels 🙂

    • I used to skimboard religiously but living in places far away from good skim breaks has taken its toll and I can’t rightfully call myself a skimboarder anymore. But your backpacking skimboard trip sounds awesome! I used to dream of doing something along those lines back in the day. Cool site as well. Looks like a great resource

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